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How To Restore Order And Build Intimacy In Your Family Without Fights, Guilt Trips Or Therapy
It's time you realised that you have something in you more powerful than the things that affect you and make you dance like a puppet.

- Marcus Aurelius 

Finally...Someone Who Will Show You How To Rebuild Trust, Intimacy & Peace In Your Family
Are you sick of fighting with your spouse?

Tired of not being respected by your in-laws? 

Looking for ways to get your children to cooperate in the family?

Do you want more peace, love and happiness in your home?

Do you want to avoid divorce?
You do not find yourself, you build yourself.

Or more accurately you rebuild yourself, over and over again as your life evolves and your needs change.

We were built as children by our parents, school, friends and church. 

If what they built then is not what we currently need or want we MUST rebuild or suffer.

We tear down what is not working within our minds and we improve to get back up stronger, wiser and more flexible.

But how? How do we change our deeper programming?

The same way you learn to control and build up your body.

Through specific exercises and activities you'll accomplish your desired situation.

I can teach you the path to a stronger and more functional mind while avoiding the pitfalls that cause most self help and self improvement programs to fail.

Noah Revoy
- Coach and Mentor
I show men and women how to restore order and build intimacy in their families without fights, guilt trips or therapy.

Using Socratic questions and a finely honed sense of perception, I act as a mirror, a guide and a mentor to help my clients: 
  • Create a better life for themselves
  • ​Reduce anxiety
  • ​End intrusive thoughts
  • ​​Over come bad behaviour
  • ​​Develop deeper relationships
  • ​​Become a better spouse & parent
Most Troubled Marriages End Up In Divorce Without The Right Help...
Sadly, 42-45 percent of first marriages will terminate with a divorce as the result.

There are nearly 2,400 divorces every single day in the United States alone meaning an average of 16,800 divorces each week as well as upwards of 875,000 divorces per annum.

Save Yourself Months Or Even Years Of pain And Suffering Just To End Up In Divorce Anyway...
You should be having fun with your life, enjoying it, there is no need for constant suffering. 

Let me help you find peace and happiness while pursuing a better life.

As an outside, impartial voice I can help you see new possibilities and options. 

Together we will critique your current family plans and create better ones.
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Here’s what will happen in our consultation...
  • I ask Socratic questions about your pain points to bring clarity
  • ​You tell me what "hurts" (what's bothering you)
  • ​We brainstorm possible solutions that you can implement
  • ​Together we create a realistic but effective plan of action
This is ONLY for people who are serious about restoring order and build intimacy in their family without fights, guilt trips or therapy.

Remember....slots are strictly limited.